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Join us on the second Monday of every month (holidays permitting) from 6:30-8:30 pm in Boardroom 2/3 at Innovate Calgary for free pizza, and a discussion of community and global issues, potential solutions, and how to implement them!

Tech & Social Impact (TSI) meetings are a collaborative effort between GO and Skunkworks (a University of Calgary Faculty of Science innovation initiative). The point is for all of us to engage, discuss and learn together about what’s happening in the world, new and future technologies, and what we can do together to act in the best interests of our communities.  The meeting is open to anyone, please feel free to share this and invite your friends and colleagues, let’s create the future we want together!

The scheduled TSI talks for 2017-18 are:

September 18th: An Introduction to DNA and the Potential for Genetic Engineering – Kaitlin Schaaf and Patrick Lai
October 9th: Plastic From Poop – Genetically Engineering E-Coli to Produce Plastic From Biowaste – Kaitlin Schaaf and the iGEM Team
November 13th: GO Genomics – Genetically Engineering Algae And E-Coli To Produce High-Value Products And New Drugs – Patrick Lai
December 11th: Precision Health And Social Implications – Niall Kerrigan and Anita Ludwar from Genome Alberta

January 15th: Introduction To Blockchains And Cryptocurrencies – Chris Healey
February 12th: Interesting And Novel Applications Of Blockchains – Elliot Martin
March 12th: Energy Efficient Homes For The Future – Frank Crawford from Passive House Alberta
April 9th: AI Applications In Medical Imaging – Alessandro Satriano from the University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine

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