Organizational Structure

The Structure of GO

GO is a new type of non-profit organization called a social enterprise.  A social enterprise is a non-profit organization that owns and operates businesses (although there are other definitions).  GO uses revenues from the initiatives it owns and operates to re-invest back into increasing organizational capacity, or to re-invest in the community in the best interests of everyone.

As an example, let’s use a solar energy generation project.  The energy generated gets sold to generate revenues, and those revenues can be used to buy more solar panels (and thereby increasing capacity and further increasing revenues).  Those revenues can also be re-invested back into the community in one of GO’s other initiatives.

Many people don’t really understand what ‘non-profit’ means when applied to an organization.  It does not mean ‘don’t make money’. Generally, it means that the organization cannot benefit any specific member any more than all of it’s members. Although GO generates revenue, it is organized exclusively for social welfare and civic improvement.

GO is organized similarly to many businesses and non-profits.  You may recognize the structure of GO as a standard organizational chart flipped upside down.  This is done on purpose, to show that the organization is responsible to Committee members as representatives of the community, and the initiatives that the Committees develop and oversee.  The organizational chart helps to show how reporting works in GO, however in practice, the organization seeks to have a ‘flat’ structure, where decision-making is achieved by consensus.

The Generating Opportunities Technology Foundation was incorporated under the Alberta Societies Act in Calgary, Alberta on May 05, 2016.

GO’s Board of Directors

GO’s Programs

As shown on the organizational diagram, GO operates in multiple program areas. In order to address the systemic technological, social, economic and political issues within today’s society, we must look at 6 sectors:

  • Logistics
  • Information
  • Food
  • Energy
  • Health
  • Community

GO’s Initiatives

GO has initiatives within its programs. Currently, three initiatives have been formed:

  • EMCO Energy
  • The GO Inverter Design Initiative (IDI)
  • Tech & Social Impact Meetings

To learn more about each of these program areas and the respective initiatives, please visit the Programs & Initiatives page.

GO’s Programs & Initiatives