The Story of GO

Why is there a need for an organization like GO?

The reality of the new information and technological age is that the world is changing incredibly fast. The new industrial revolution is again changing our information technologies and our energy and logistics systems. We are transitioning from a world of telephony, oil and the internal combustion engine to an automated future of the ‘internet of things’, renewable energy and self-driving electric vehicles. In general, that change is important – it means that the world becomes a better place – and it is our responsibility to keep up with it. How we decide to anticipate and integrate automated and disruptive technologies, however, will decide if this future addresses systemic economic issues such as income inequality, artificial scarcity and employment disruptions due to machine intelligence; with social innovation and entrepreneurship, we can ensure that this happens in the best interests of everyone in our communities.

GO is a way to make this happen. The GO Technology Foundation is an umbrella organization for high-tech best-practice businesses and directs resources from profitable revenue streams back into the community, reinvesting in further high-tech infrastructure and enabling future technologies and industries. Along with valuable partnerships and collaborations with other community organizations and businesses, government agencies, and academic institutions, GO creates advanced technical jobs and training opportunities, and helps to foster creative innovation and the transition to an inventive knowledge-based economy.

In addition, through years of initial discussions regarding GO, one of the biggest needs identified was for a new language that the community can use to describe renewable energy and automated technologies, and community-based, socially minded businesses. Equipping our community with this language will help everyone to share in the vision, allow people to describe and discuss the future they are looking for, and enable GO to provide the leadership and opportunities to get us there.


The Structure of GO