The GO Student Program

Opportunities for Engagement in Research and Development

The GO Tech Foundation recognizes the talent and knowledge of post-secondary students and has a high regard for the value of experiential and practical post-secondary education. The GO Student program provides opportunities for students to apply their skill sets and interests within a multi-disciplinary Organization. These experiences help to frame students’ studies in the context of community and global issues, preparing them to take on the challenge of creating and implementing solutions.

In the past few years, GO has supported teams of students from finance, marketing, and engineering to work on various projects related to their studies. GO has worked with business students from Alliance in Marketing and the Haskayne Consulting Club. Back in 2018, GO sponsored a University of Calgary Engineering Capstone project to develop wireless mesh networking capabilities for the IDI micro-inverter, to communicate real-time data to both consumer and administrative interfaces.  

Currently, GO is supporting the following student initiatives and groups:

iGEM Calgary

University of Calgary BIOMOD Team

Kadima Dynamics

Looking for: Post-Secondary Student Volunteers Interested in Assisting with the development of a social enterprise

As a student consultant, you will have the opportunity to apply your skillset in a multi-disciplinary organization and gain valuable experience.

GO provides opportunities in every discipline and is currently looking for passionate, innovative, post-secondary students seeking to assist in the development of its social enterprise. GO welcomes consultants with any of the following skillsets:

  • Technical (engineering, science)
  • Business (finance, marketing, economics)
  • Law
  • Arts (communications, design)

If you would like to get involved, please reach out to GO on the Contact page!